granting athletes sustainable futures


    Our Vision is to fulfill dreams, create community, and cultivate philanthropy through the world of action sports.


    Provide needs-based financial and in-kind assistance to qualified elite action sports athletes so that they may

    - train, compete, and win at the highest levels

    - maintain optimal performance and health through nutrition, recovery, and mindfulness

    - transition to a financially-stable, purpose-driven, and philanthropic life after competition.


    - Surf

    - Skate (street, park, vert)

    - Snow (slopestyle, pipe)

    - Bike (BMX freestyle, mountain bike)

We're doing big things and making a difference

GASF Provides

Financial Assistance

The foundation extends Elite Athlete Grants to a selected group of "Rising Stars", those athletes on an Olympic or Professional path, and who require further assistance with regards to training, travel, or extraordinary career-progressing opportunities

The GASF has provided direct financial aid to support the development of 14 athletes, 9 of who qualified to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

GASF Rising Stars

GASF Provides

Coaching & Development

We establish partnerships to connect athletes with the best development, coaching, and after-sport programs and resources available.

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GASF Provides

education & networking

The GASF is committed raising awareness and access to the things that have direct and life-long impact on our athletes, focusing on training, nutrition, recovery, mindfulness, social and financial responsibility, and philanthropy. To date, these have included fantasy camps, athlete summits, performance workshops, and nutrition and recovery workshops.

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GASF Provides

Facilities & Facility Partnerships

GASF is a major contributor and driver of some of the most important, innovative, and accessible training facilities in the world, providing athletes easy and affordable access to world-class parks, surf, and snow. Initiatives have included BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas, The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center in San Diego, Rob Skate Academy in San Francisco, RampFest in Melbourne, Australia, and the Custom Athlete House at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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The Athlete In-Residency Program

The GASF Athlete In-Residency program aims to provide a supportive and holistic environment for promising athletes to pursue their Olympic dreams. Located in North County, California, the fully-funded live-in on-site program will host elite athletes from around the world, and will focus on providing comprehensive support in training, nutrition, recovery, and education to help athletes achieve their full potential.

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