Become a Corporate Partner

GASF partners become a part of the action sports ecosystem

Exposure to a Niche Audience: Engaging with GASF provides sponsors/partners with exposure to a passionate and engaged audience within the action sports community, offering a unique opportunity to connect with a niche demographic.

Positive Brand Association: Partnering with GASF allows sponsors to align their brand with positive values such as inclusivity, empowerment, and community support, giving them immediate credibility and enhancing their brand image and reputation.

Visibility on High-Traffic Platforms: Sponsors/partners benefit from visibility on GASF's high-traffic platforms, including their website, social media channels, and events, reaching a wide audience of action sports enthusiasts and supporters.

Access to Athletes and Influencers: By partnering with GASF, sponsors gain access to a network of elite athletes, influencers, and ambassadors who can help develop and promote their brand and products to a targeted audience.

Association with Major Sporting Events: GASF's involvement in events like the LA 28 Olympics provides sponsors/partners with the opportunity to be associated with prestigious sporting events, increasing brand exposure and credibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR and ESG) Benefits: Supporting GASF demonstrates a commitment to corporate social responsibility by investing in the development and well-being of athletes and the broader action sports community.

Customized Sponsorship Opportunities: GASF offers sponsors/partners the flexibility to tailor sponsorship packages to their specific objectives and budget, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership that meets their marketing and branding goals.

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